Pattern question - please help me!

I attempting my first knitting project following a pattern, and am a bit stuck.

the pattern says: … establish cable sts as follows: p2, (p 1, k1) in next st (inc made), k 2, p 2, (p1, k 1) in next st, k2, p3, place marker

Please can someone explain to me what I’m supposed to do! I have a cable needle, and understand how to do cable stitch, and I know that this instruction is intended to add 2 additional stitches into my knitting, but I can’t seem to piece together my understanding of how to knit with what this pattern is asking me to do.


It looks like, from the row you posted, you are not doing any cabling at all, just preparing to do the cable.

You’ll P2

P1 and K1 into the SAME stitch


P1 and K1 into the SAME stitch
place your marker

Does that help?

Thank you so much, that does help me a lot. Thanks.