Pattern Question...Picking up stitches

okay i know how to pick up stitches but i can’t figger out where to pick them up in this pattern.

so here is what i had to do (i am making a bag btw) with scrap yarn i cast on a buncha stitches and did a small band of stockinette switch to my contrasting color and then knit 50 rows. Now i have knit one more row (for the body of the bag), pick up 24 stitches on the short side, pick up another 56 stitches along the invisible cast on edge, carefully remove the scrap yarn, then pick up another 24 stitches on the other short side.

now my question is…WHERE am i suppose to pick up those 56 stitches on the cast on edge? do i pull those out of the first row of the contrast color or am i picking them up from the edge of the scrap yarn?

not sure if my question makes sense but it has me a little befuddled.

Pick up the first stitches of your ‘real’ yarn. Then pull out the scrap yarn.

oooooooooh so am i essentially putting those stitches back on the needle and not really picking up stitches the way i am down the short sides?

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umm…that’s gonna suck to do… :rollseyes:

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If you pick up one side of each ‘v’–just like picking up a destination row for frogging, if you’ve done that, it’s not difficult. If you happen to get the wrong side of the v to have the stitch on correctly (untwisted), you can just untwist it right before you knit it.