Pattern Question - not clear on part

:knitting: Hi, doing a Knitted Clown Hand puppet:

Put wrong part in org note.
From 44 st, 24 rows in color, to the following Im stumped as to what to do. The part that has me is the co of 10 stitches. Im a newbie and Im doing this a Xmas gifts. Sorry for confusionā€¦ive been pulling wool and hair all day. :frowning:
Next row: Change colour wool and cast on 10 stitches. Knit back 32
altogether, turn leaving remaining 22 stitches on a spare needle, cast
on 10 sts. K.4 P34 K4

I think youā€™re to cast on 10 sts in the other color of yarn and knit those sts and the old ones with it. To cast on at the beginning of a row, use the knit or cable cast on shown on the Cast Ons page.

As always you are most helpful. Takes a second set of eyes sometimes. I think :thumbsup: I got it. Cheers!