Pattern Question - need help

I just bought some yarn for pattern idena #4135 (for twins yarn even though I’m using a different yarn) and the pattern is very hard for me to understand. I’ve asked the store where I bought the yarn for help, but they haven’t been very helpful. I scanned the pattern and will email it to anyone who wants to help me out. First of all, I just wanted confirmation for the Large size, that 70 stitches is all I need and I don’t need to increase any. As I said, the pattern just isn’t very easy to understand, but any other pattern I’ve read, I know if I need to increase or not. That’s my first question. Any help I can get is much appreciated.

If you type ou the parts you are having trouble undertanding we will be able to help a little better in deciphering it.
Don’t type out the full pattern (there can be issues with copyright) just the chunks you need help with.