Pattern question: model 15 from Linea rossa 2

hello, knitters,

I wonder if any of you had knitted, or plan to knit the grey pullover from Linea Rossa 2 (a pattern booklet from Lana Grossa)?

here’s the link to their web (the one I am asking is the bottom one in the right row):

I must say this pattern book is my all time favourite! I’ve knitted 2 garements using patterns in it and a third nearly finished! This gray pullover is the next I am going to make–I even source the exact yarn! (it’s difficult to get them here in the UK!)

anyways, the problem is, the pattern book has errata in each pattern!!! I’ve navigated through these in my previous knits, however, I can’t go further with this one!

if any of you got the book, can you kindly guess what the pattern could mean? The problem is with the pattern 5 in this pattern. From the book, there’s no description saying what the solid triangular and the oval mean!! My guess, according to my past experience correcting your patterns, is the solid triangular is a P3 tog and the oval is yarn over on the right side and k1, p1 on this yarn over on the wrong side. But I am not sure if this makes sense.

I’ve already sent email to lana grossa, asking for the revision, but haven’t learnt from them yet. so I think I may as well asking here. :slight_smile:

thank you! :slight_smile: