Pattern Question - I'm confused

I’m working on a hat…here’s the pattern.

So, i’m going to use the pattern for size small, but i’m confused with row 1. If i’m casting on 80 stitches, and then p1, K1, ending in a K1, what am i supposed to do with that extra stitch…it won’t be even. And, what does (0, 1, 0) mean?

Please help. thanks!

Oh I see what’s going on. It’s knit flat and seamed. Each stitch has two sides so if you’ve ended with a k1 when you turn that stitch will now be a purl so you start with a p1. To rib you knit the knits and purl the purls. Just follow the pattern and it’ll make sense.

The part in parenthesis is referring to the sizes that are in parenthesis.

The “ending with k1 (0, 1, 0)” means that for size XS you knit 1, for size S you knit 0, for size M you knit 1, and for size L you knit 0. It does look sort of funny the first time you see a pattern tell you to knit 0 stitches!

But those numbers in parentheses are the directions for different sizes. So when it says “K4 (5, 7, 8)” later on in the pattern, you pick the number which goes with the size you are knitting. I find it helpful to either circle or highlight the correct number so I don’t get lost.