Pattern question from stitch n' bitch book

No offence to anyone out there, but I did not enjoy the ‘stitch n’ bitch’ book. Even though I’m 29, I thought the author was trying to hard to get on the knitting bandwagon and used way to much hipster and sexual innuedo language. Perhaps this is a sign I am getting old :frowning:

Anyhoo, a few of her patterns actually seem cool for a beginner/advanced beginner like myself.

Has anyone made the “hot head” hat from page 162? The finishing part seemed a bit odd as it seems you do not completely decrease by knitting stitches together.

After casting on and doing a bunch of stuff you get to this…

…"row 5: *k2tog; rep from * to end - 14 sts.
row 6: *k2tog; rep from * to end - 7 sts.

(so it seems you have 7 stitches left???)

Then “Finishing - break off the yarn; leaving a 20” tail. Thread the yarn through a yarn needle and thread needle through live sts (what are live sts??? are they the ones left on the needle since they were not k2togged together??? ), drawing them tight and sliding them off the knitting needle. With the RS of the hat facing you, and using mattress stitch, sew back seem invisibly from top to bottom. Weave in ends.

Has anyone made this hat???

Also curious if anyone has made “zeeby’s bag” from pages 170-171?


I haven’t bought Stoller’s books. I find coy attempts at naughtiness rather boring.

Hats knit flat are often finished this way. Yes, live stitches are the ones left on the needle. Threading the yarn through the stitches will keep them from laddering back. Pulling firmly on the yarn will snug them into a little circle.

Yes, I have knit that hat. You’re right, the live stitches are the ones still on the needle. After threading through them and tightening, you begin sewing the seam with the yarn.
A lot of hat patterns I know use this method.

I haven’t made the bag, but if you’ve got any questions about it, I’m sure there is someone here who can help you.

Edit:TwoLeftNeedles was faster :wink:

I enjoyed the S 'n B book (the first one) for the basics of knitting, I liked how she explained things and gave good diagrams and visuals to go along with it. Many of the patterns don’t appeal to me, I’m just not that type of person, but the info was good as far as I’m concerned.

I made my own version of Zeeby’s Bag for my sister’s birthday last summer. Here’s a pic! :XX:

I too bought her book and although I am also 29, I didn’t exactly care for her particular choice in writing either. So don’t feel bad, that’s just who we are!!

On the other hand I did like the way she described each particular stitch. It was very easy for me to follow and understand.

Cheer up!! We are getting old!! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I :heart: the bag! What yarn did you use? I’m just finishing up on the Oregon Tote (felted bag), and am fishing around for another project. I’m very interested in trying a sweater, but scared of the committment :wink: !

As for the SnB books, I really liked the first book for the diagrams and descriptions, but have not made any of the patterns. The first SnB book is the one I return to when I have a question. I like how her descriptions give the full picture of why you would use a particular technique. For example, she has a full chapter on increasing and decreasing that includes descriptions of when you would use one type over another.

Ok, I’ll admit it…the knitting sexual innuendos totally cracked me up! (and, gasp…I’m 39!!) :smiley:

For the bag, I used Patons Classic Wool (I think the colour was called ‘Grass’ or something like that) for the green and leftover Wool of the Andes from for the pink. I basically used the stitch counts from the actual pattern, and changed some of it up to my own liking. I also ended up felting it lightly because I found the knit too loose to actually be able to use as a purse to carry stuff in!