Pattern question from dumb Auzzie! :)

Hi everyone,

I was so happy to find a forum on knitting. I am only a relative beginner but trying to do a kids dressing gown, i am stuck, can someone help me. I will put the pattern below and would really appreciate some help. I am stuck with the bit just after row 11 - i don’t understand the paragraph after this.

Back and Fronts (worked in one piece to armholes)
Using 4.00mm (US 6), (UK 8) Needles, cast on 47 (53-59)
sts (see special note).
Knit in garter st (1st row is RS, see special note) until work
measures 37 (41-44) cms/15 (16½-17½) ins from beg,
working last row on WS.
Divide for armholes and shape neck and collar -
1st row - K14 (16-18), turn.
Cont on these 14 (16-18) sts for Right Front.
2nd and foll alt rows (WS) - Knit.
3rd row (RS) - K2, M1, sl 1, K1, psso, knit to end = 14
(16-18) sts.
5th row - K2, M1, K1, sl 1, K1, psso, knit to end = 14
(16-18) sts.
7th row - K2, (M1) 0 (1-1) time/s, K1 (2-2), sl 1, K1, psso,
knit to end = 13 (16-18) sts.
9th row - K2, (M1) 1 (0-1) time/s, K2 (2-3), sl 1, K1, psso,
knit to end = 13 (15-18) sts.
11th row - K2, (M1) 0 (1-0) time/s, K2 (3-3), sl 1, K1, psso,
knit to end = 12 (15-17) sts.
[B]Cont dec for neck and inc for collar in this manner,
working inc for collar in every 4th row from previous inc,
3 (3-4) more times, at the same time dec for neck in
every foll alt row 3 (5-7) times = 12 (13-14) sts.[/B]
Knit 2 rows garter st.
Shape shoulder - Next row (WS) - Cast/bind off 6 sts
(see special note), knit to end = 6 (7-8) sts.
Cont in garter st on these 6 (7-8) sts for right back collar
a further 6.5 (7-7.5) cms/2½ (3-3) ins, working last row on
WS. Cast/bind off loosely (see special note).
With RS facing, join yarn to rem sts.

I have bolded the bit i am a bit confused with. Please help me! :aww:

Cheers, Tracey

When a pattern has increases and decreases at the same time but on different rows, I think it helps to write it out and check off the rows as you go along. In this case you’re increasing (M1) every 4 rows and decreasing (slip1, k1, psso) every other row. Starting at row 9 and just putting in the odd rows and the M1 and skp for the smallest size, it would look like this:
Row 9… M1… skp… (13sts)
Row 11… skp… (12sts)
Row 13… M1… skp… (12sts)
Row 15… skp… (11sts)
Row 17… M1… skp… (11sts)
Row 19… (11sts)
Row 21… M1… … (12sts)
Good question! And enjoy knitting the robe.

Thanks so much!!! :woot:

Also, the directions in step 11 in parenthesis are for different sizes. The m1 (0) times means that if you’re making the smallest size, you won’t do an increase stitch here. I’ve been knitting for a grandchild that’s on the way. Some of my patterns are for newborn sizes with the six month and one year variations in parenthesis. It will help if you go through the pattern and circle the correct ones for the size you’re making.

Going back to line 11: m1 0 {newborn} 1 {six month} 0 {one year} is how you would read it, or whatever sizes this pattern is for. Your whole pattern is like this.

Line 1: Knit 14 (16- 18)
newborn 6 month 1 year

      or whatever sizes your pattern calls for