Pattern Question - Ene's Scarf

Direction states: With two strands of yearn held tog, and using the knitted method, CO 375 sts. (doable)


Drop one of the strands and cont using a single strand of yarn throughout. Work Rows 1-22 from right and left halves of chart 1, placing markers for the borders as indicated, and placing a coiless pin or removable stitch marker in the center st. :??

Okay, I understand that there are two halves. Am I working them at the same time? I am trying to visualize it and I can’t really get it (that dangling yarn) I am use to working across the entire row.

So, once I drop that yarn and I start to knit, how do I incorporate that piece of yarn later. This is done on a circluar needle but will be a triangle once completed.

It sounds like you’re casting on with double yarn, but not knitting the rest of the scarf with it. After the cast on, I think you can just cut that hanging piece.

You work the two halves at the same time, but keep the center stitch marked since the width of the scarf gets wider. I have this book at home and will look at the pattern if you need me to.


Can you please look at the pattern when you get a chance. Because I am totally blown away. I have it with me at work and I just looked at it again and it doesn’t say anything about cutting it.

However, it does state drop one of the strands and cont using a single thread throughout.

I guess maybe I was thinking since I had to leave that thread that I would use one for one side and the other for the other side. And since the chart is separated into left half and than right half.

I guess maybe it makes since that it is just suppose to have a reinforced edge and that it is just explaining what to do before and after the center stitch.

Thanks again Ingrid.

I just looked at the pattern, and am sure that you only use the double yarn for the cast on–probably to make the edge just a bit thicker.

After that, you work both charts at once, keeping a marker on the center stitch so you can make sure you are in the right place. The shawl gets narrower as you work your way through the charts and ends at the center top stitch.