Pattern question- decreases for armhole

In the pattern notes it give decreases for both right side and wrong side to make a slanted edge but in the pattern it says to decrease in armhole shaping on right side rows. Am I only decreasing on the right side or both as the notes seem to say? I’m confused! Its my first thing other than a scarf, I don’t want to mess up!:persevere:

Hi there, In the pattern notes it gives general directions on how to make a neck or shoulder decrease for both the RS and WS. This is just like a tutorial.
In your pattern it says to BO 3(4,4…sts (depending which size you are knitting) at the beginning of the next 2 rows (1knit and 1purl row) After this you will decrease 2 sts at the beginning of only the RS rows another 3(3 4 …times (depending which size you are knitting)
Hope this helps and good luck with your project :smiley:
NB. You should probably remove your photo of the whole pattern because of copyright issues. It’s OK to show the name, an image or just a few lines that you need explained but not the whole thing :wink:

Ok, thank you! I didn’t want to mess it up. Ill see how it goes☺