Pattern question: Continuing in Rev St St only on all sts

Hi there,

I’m working on the Wool Ease T-Top from

The pattern says:
Slits: RS Row: K 2, p 86 (95), k 2.
WS Row: K across. Rep these 2 rows for 1" more. Cont in rev st st only on all sts until Front measures 7" from beg.

What does “Cont in rev st st only on all sts” mean?
Do I continue to follow the directions given until the piece reaches 7"?
Do I change to P & K?

I am so confused on this one. ':??'
I hope someone can help me out. Thanks!

Reverse st st is done by knitting one row and purling one row, but the purl side is the ‘right side’.

The part you’ve done after the garter stitch edge has been in rev st st except for the k2 at the beginning and the end. Just continue to have it look like that.

Thank you so much the help, Ingrid! :thumbsup:

I am a confused knitter no more. ‘:happydance:’