Pattern question: continued...working a neckline

I’ve got a needle with 27 knitted stitches, 8 on a holder that were knitted with the new yarn, and 27 more knitted stitches with the new yarn to the end of the needle.
(the pattern calls for stockinette stitch)

I am assuming my next row I will begin to purl with the NEW yarn. Then the pattern says:

“at each neck edge bind off 4 sts twice and work until each side edge meas. 22” from beginning"

I am assuming the “neck edge” is right before where my stitch holder is placed, correct? So then I am completely abandoning the 8 stitches on the holder.
And as far as measuring the “side edge” is that from the bottom of the entire piece?
I apologise if these are silly questions, but it is my very first attempt at doing ANYTHING besides a scarf and I want to do it right the first time!

Yes, the neck edge is where the stitches are on a holder and you’d need another end to work both sides at once when you get to the end of one side and skip the center sts to go to the next side. The beginning is where you CO so yes, measure the entire piece.


YES!!! YES YES!!! I totally did it right!! I have exactly 19 stitches on each side of the neckhole for casting off to shape the shoulders! I am so happy!! Thank you all for the help!