Pattern question - color

Hi all –

I’m working on my first sweater, which is also my first color work.

My question is with these instructions:
K2rs A, 2rs B, 2 rs A inc 8 sts evenly along the last row. The rest of the pattern is worked as intarsia: row 1: (RSF) K14 A, K14 B 3 times. So, in the initial set of instructions, shall I cut a piece of yarn in the alternating color for each row and work in the ends? or is there a way to work in the yarn w/o cutting? I intend to use seperate balls of yarn for the pattern blocks, but not sure what would be easiest for a single row of color.

I know this is likely a silly newby question, but any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Jen

I would just leave it attached. It only has to be carried up two rows. When I carry yarn up, I make sure I bring my yarn in use up under the one that’s “on hold”. It kind of carries it up until I need it again. Never create more ends than you have to! :wink:

Oh perfect! Thank you so much Ingrid!! :cheering: