Pattern question - backpack

I’m doing the felted daypack from Interweave - I’ve completed the base by creating a crochet chain of waste yarn and then knitting on to create 18.5 cm. This is where I’m getting confused. :thinking: The instructions are:

Sides: With RS still facing, place marker on right needle tip (I did this), and knit 26 sts along side edge of base, pm – at this point, b/c the RS is facing me, I’ve got the working yarn to the left. So then, am I literally knitting down the side of the base, making sure I make 26 stitches from the length I created?

Continuing on, it says to pull out the crochet chaing and place 52 stitches onto left tip of cir needle, (okay, so this would make a bit of sense as I’d just climbed down the side of the work knitting the 26 stitches above). :??

Finally, knit these 52 sts, pm, pick up and knit 26 sts along other side of base for a total of 156 sts - which would mean I’m going up the other side of the base? :XX:

Thank you so SO very much for any insight or ideas!

It looks like you’re picking up the stitches around the bottom so you can continue up in the round. Is that correct? If this is the case, it looks like you’ve done what you’re supposed to have done. What’s your concern?

So far I’ve only knitted the base - I’m scared to push forward and go down the side - but it sounds like that’s what maybe I’m supposed to do - and then wind around the bottom and up again. It seems strange to knit down the side of the rows and not on top of a row I just knitted, but is this sort of what is happening? (many apologies - this is my first pattern that doesn’t involve knitting a rectangle and sewing them together :blush: )

  • Jen

I’ve seen other bag patterns where you knit the bottom flat and then pick up all the way around and knit around for the sides. It sounds like this is what you’re supposed to do here. Read ahead in the directions. What’s the next step after you pick up all those stitches? If it says to start to knit in the round, then you doing what you’re supposed to do. What issue is it? If I have it (and can lay my hands on it) I’ll take a look.

Oh, gosh, I can’t thank you enough, its the Winter 2004 Interweave Knits, p. 112 - The Felted Daypack. You’re absolutely right, going down the way a bit, it describes how to join the round. This will definately be a challenge.

Thank you again, for your guidance.

  • Jen