Pattern Question-Baby Slippers

I’m confused, again. This pattern is for Baby Slippers from the ‘Pattern a Day Knitting Calendar 2008’ (Aug. 30 & 31).

CO 25 stitches
Row 1 reads…
k1,p1, rep4times, k5 (sole), p1,k1, rep4times

Do I…
k1,p1, 4 times,
p1,k1 4 times?

(repeat 4 times between the **)
then k5,p1,k1, 4 times

The double asterisks are throwing me off, and the number of stitches CO working out with the number of stitches in the row.

I know it can’t be this hard, I’ve just looked at it for too long.
Thanks for your help.

They are the same thing… you would k1,p1 4 times
the double ** just mean to repeat k1p1 4 times between the asterisks… hope this helps… Mary

Got it! Thanks Mary! I’ll give it a try.:hug:

Ok, maybe I’m just being scatter brained, which would not be unusual for me, but I just can’t get it to work. I tried knitting the slippers last night and it still wouldn’t work out.
here’s the whole pattern…

CO [B]25[/B] stitches
Row 1: k1,p1, rep - 4 times, k5, (sole), p1,k1 rep - 4 times.
Row 2: p1,k1, rep 4 times, p5, p1,k1, rep 4 times
Row 3-20: rep rows 1-2
Row 21: k2tog till end of row
Row 22: p
Cut yarn draw through the sts but from the opposite site of row (not where yarn ends). Pull tightly and join the sites as much as you need.
Join the heel, but draw the tapestry needle through the 5 sole sts and pull, in order the have a little ‘arc’ and fix.

That is the way the end is written, I figure ‘site’ is supposed to be ‘side’ That’s not the biggest problem.
If I…k1p1 4 times, k5, p1k1 4 times that ends up being 21 stitches not 25, right??? So, I tried CO 21 stitches and the sides didn’t match, (first row k1,p1 k5 , [B]p1,k1[/B]…second row p1,k1 p5, [B]p1,k1[/B])

I will probably abandon this pattern, there are a lot of baby bootie patterns out there. I would like to know if it [B]IS[/B] the pattern or if it’s just [B]ME[/B]??? :eyes:

Thanks again!

It reads k1, p1, repeat 4 times. So you should be doing k1,p1 over 10 stitches (the original plus 4 repeats), then k5 and p1, k1, repeat 4 times (another 10 stitches).

And row 2 should read p1, k1 then k1, p1. To make this part easier, it looks like you’re doing 1x1 ribbing around a stockinette stitch sole, so for the sides you’re going to knit the knits and purl the purls.


I agree with Cristeen, you do the k1, p1, then repeat it four times - meaning you’ve done it 5 times in all. (10sts worked)

At the end of the row, you do the p1, k1, then repeat it four times, so once again 5 times in total. (10 sts worked)

With the 5 purl you worked in the middle, that makes 25 stitches.

Don’t abandon the pattern. Its pretty standard terminology - whenever you’re told to do something in a pattern and then it says to repeat from * to * a certain number of times, you always do the original bit of working that falls between the stars and then the REPEATS are repeats of what you just did. So you will have worked that section the original once plus the number of repeats.

Oh, that sounds garbled, but I hope you can make sense of it!