Pattern question ANGELIA

I have a pattern that calls for moss stitch,the pattern CO ons are odd numbers,but the moss st calls for
row 1 k1 (p1 k1)
row 2 p1( k1 p1)
row 3 p1( k1 p1)
row 4 k1( p1 k1)
these 4 rows form the moss st pat

Shouldn’t odd rows begin with a knit?

In the pattern I have for this particular stitch, what you have listed above is correct. Rows 1 & 4 are k1, p1 to end of row, k1. Rows 2 & 3 are p1, k1, repeat to end of row, p1. The odd-numbered CO makes the pattern symmetrical.

I think I got it thanks :smiley:

That’s not right,every time I do it the way they say I get a ribbing :??

You get two rows that start with a knit and two rows that start with a purl. That’s why it’s called moss instead of seed.

ok I’m confused :??

Heres the pattern is it moss st or seed st?
I actually thought they were the same thing?
When I do what it says it looks like ribbing,and this pattern looks bumpy :??

Seed stitch ends up looking like this:


Moss stitch ends up like this (though there are varieties depending on number of stitches and rows) I think the one for this should look like this.


so were the directions right or wrong?

I’d say they’re right.

:?? I always thought they were interchangeable, too. :thinking:

well how come it looks like ribbing?

It looks to me like it’s more like little boxes. So if you keep going you’ll see the pattern show up and it won’t look like ribbing. Doing on a couple rows isn’t enough to see it.

The pattern will look bumpy–that’s the appeal of moss stitch–but it shouldn’t look ribbed, not all the way down, anyway.

It should look like this–I’ve enlarged it a bit to make the stitches clearer:

I frogged mine but I’ll do it again and then scan it into computer so keep watching

Sometimes seed stitch is known as moss stitch, and moss stitch is sometimes known as double moss. Confusing. :thinking:

BUT, how you are describing it is correct for moss stitch. The first two rows by themselves do form the same pattern as the beginning of 1x1 ribbing, but if you keep repeating all 4 rows it will not look like ribbing. The picture that Angelia posted is a really good one that shows moss stitch.

I can’t get this thing to copy :evil: Anyway I see what you mean by doing more rows.I didn’t do enough and it did kinda look like ribbing until I knitted a few more rows. Now that I have both to look at I can tell the difference. :wall: THANKS for all of your help :thumbsup:

Oh, that’s fantastic!! :thumbsup: