Pattern query

Help! I’m knitting a jumper for 3-6 month old and it starts with a band of moss stitch. The pattern reads “ Row 7 knit purl to end.
Row 8 purl knit to end
These 2 rows make the moss stitch pattern.
Repeat these last 2 rows 10 times more.
Question: does that mean the 2 pattern rows ie
10 rows all together OR is it each row 10 times so 20 rows all together? Help!!!

I’m pretty sure it will mean you do 20 more rows, so 22 in total :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hum. That’s what my husband says!!! I was hoping it was only 10 cos moss stitch is so easy to go wrong with especially as I’ve got 116 stitches on the needle!

Nightmare! But it’s at least a bit less boring than plain garter or stocking stitch would be.

That’s true but yesterday I did two rows and realised it was wrong and had to undo 3! I’m going backwards!
Anyway thank you for your advice. My hubby agrees with you- I was in denial!!!

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I know the feeling lol! I’ve undone and redone the same section of a project I’m working on 3 times yesterday evening, but it’s only a small thing and really I should know better than to try the more involved stuff while watching tv and talking. But I never learn!