Pattern Q

I am feeling like a bit of a dip here - I am trying to knit a hat with earflaps. Earflaps are made and on stitch holders. After knitting the second earflap the instructions are to cast on X stitches, turn, knit across the stitches of earflap 1…

So I cast on the stitches (long tail cast on), turn it, and have the stitches sitting here on the stitch holder. It just seems to me that the problem is in having turned the work, because if I just cast on and then knit across the stitches I can see no problem in doing that…

I am not sure why I am stymied by this - can anyone point me in the right direction? :slight_smile: Thanks!

Are you meant to cast on the stitches to the needle with the earflap?
That would make the “turn” in the instructions make sense. Earflap just finished on right needle then case on x sts behind it, turn your work and knit across those just cast on plus earflap stitches. Just a thought…:slight_smile:


Hi! It doesn’t specify. The first section is “Earflaps - make 2” and the section ends with them being placed on holders. I suppose the only possible way to do it is to turn, knit those 8 stitches and then to knit across the earflap stitches (and then turn/co st, turn, knit across second earflat, turn and cast on 8 more). When I sit down with it tonight I will give it a try :slight_smile:

Thanks Libbie

You wouldn’t use a long tail caston; knitted or cable cast on may work better in this case.