Pattern q - toe-up socks

i am in the process of starting these socks, and i have a question about the beginning increase. the pattern says:

Using the figure-8 method, co 16 (8 sts on each of 2 needles).
Plain round: K all sts.
Increase round: [K1, m1, k to 1 st before end of needle, m1, k1] twice.
Divide 20 sts evenly among 4 needles. Work Increase round every other round until there are 48 sts.

and i have gotten up to the dividing my stitches evenly among 4 needles part. my question is, when i work the increase round, do i increase on all four needles, or just needle 1 and needle 3? the instructions under “increase round” says to do it twice, so i was thinking maybe 1 and 3. i struggled so much with the cast-on for this sock, i’d hate to make a mistake and have to undo it!

You’ll be doing an increase on each needle, just in a different spot. On needle 1, knit the first stitch, m1, knit to the end of the needle. On needle 2, knit to one stitch before the end of the needle, m1, knit the last stitch. Needle 3 is the same as needle 1 and needle 4 is the same as needle 2.

Needle needle needle needle needle. Now it doesn’t sound like a word anymore does it? :mrgreen:

Bellium - Like JGM wrote, you’re still doing the increases (4 per round) but in a different place since you are now on 4 needles vs. the 2 you started with. The first increase row takes place while you are still on 2 needles, which is why it’s written for twice only, but once you are on 4 needles you need to divide your increases to one per needle.

In view of the fact that this is supposed to be an ideal toe up lace pattern for the sock novice, I think that could have been spelled out a little more clearly (just as Cookie’s YO trick is perhaps rather vague in the written instructions to someone who didn’t see the show and is not familiar with making a YO that way).

i agree, the instructions definately leave something to be desired - i have the episode recorded on my DVR to refer to periodically, but even in that they gloss over certain details - it’s okay, though - i am determined, and i always have my fellow KHers to help me through the sticky spots!

Yeah, I can agree with that - sometimes they focus on parts I don’t care about (like, close up on knitty cam of how to make a knit stitch) but then totally skip over some fancy-schmancy thing that could really use a close up AND a good explanation!