Pattern problems

i have recently stumbled upon a pattern i would like to knit for my mother. the problem is it only lists every other row. example: row 1, 3, 5, & so on. i do not understand how to read this and can not find anything about this online. i feel kind of stupid and im sure the answer is easy but i just don’t get it.

That does seem difficult. Take a look at all the instructions and see if somewhere it says that the even rows are all purl rows, for example. It may be where the pattern stitch is first given or it may be very early on in the instructions.
Can you give us a pattern link or a pattern name?

The odd number rows (RS) likely have increases/decreases and or a pattern/cable/design.
Somewhere it should say that the “overall pattern/garment” is in stockinette/garter stitch or some such thing - that will let you know how to work the even (WS) rows.

If there is a stitch pattern for for the odd rows, then usually on the even rows you ‘knit the knits and purl the purls’ as they face you. If it’s stockinette, then you purl the ws rows.

here is a link to the exact pattern.

oh i see! knit all odd rows. i knew it was an easy fix. tyvm everyone!

What a sweet pattern. Glad you’re set to go with it.