Pattern problems

I’m knitting this sock pattern from knitty and these instructions confuse me:

[I][B]Shape Calves:[/B]
[I]Next Round:[/I] K2tog, work in pattern to last 3 sts, ssk, p1.

                        Work 2 rounds in pattern as set.

                      Repeat these 4 rounds 17 times more. 48 sts.[/I]                                                                                                                    [I]Continue in 5x1 Rib as set until work measures                             13.5 inches from top of garter, or desired                             length to top of heel flap.[/I]

How is that four rows? I get three rows, one decrease row and two pattern rows. What should I do?

I’m thinking typo?? :shrug:

Wow, that’s a really good question! I get 3 rows too. Maybe you could email knitty or the designer?

OK, I did the math, and it looks like if you assume that was a typo and she meant “repeat these 3 rounds 17 more times”, you do come out with 48 stitches at the end of that section.

lIt being a typo sounds likely, especially if the math works out right with 3 rows. Thanks ^^ I’ll go with 3 rows then :slight_smile: