Pattern Problems

Making a triangle, pattern says increase 1 stitch at every other end. Not sure what that means, at the bottom of every other row?

What pattern are you making? Can you post a link to it and tell us the name of it? Don’t post the pattern here.

Ravelry, Gina Michele fox scarf pattern. I can’t figure out how to link to it, can I post a pic of the pattern directions?

Thanks for the link! Okay you’re not the only one who had some issues with the directions. I wasn’t sure what it meant either. If you want it to be evenly increased you have to increase one stitch at the end of every row. That way it will increase evenly on both sides. Or I suppose you could increase on each end on the front side and just knit even across back with no increases.

If you go to Rav and in the projects type in increases you’ll see other comments about this issue.

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Thanks so much, I don’t feel like an idiot,lol, I had done an increase top and bottom followed by a knit row and it turned out nice but not steep enough. I will try the increase at the end of each row.

If you want it longer and narrower I’d think you’d increase less often. As in every 2 or 3 rows. I haven’t tried it so I’m not positive, but I know when you make a hat you decrease every other row to get a nice rounded top. To get a longer stocking cap you go longer between decreases. I’m thinking it would be same principle. Worth a try anyway. :wink: