Pattern Problems... Urg

Hi. I am trying to graph out a pattern depicting a sitting cat, but when I try to make it small enough to fit on the mitten my aunt is knitting I can’t make the ears… here is how it used to look:

Here is how it looks now…

I know the tail needs to be fixed… but does anyone have any ideas? I would really appreciate any help!

First I have to say, that is adorable! Has your aunt already decided what yarn she’s going to use? If she uses a smaller yarn you might be able to use the original chart.

She is using Hebridean yarn… I think it is 2 ply… if it isn’t 2 it’s 3 ply. (Is that what you needed to know?) She loves using the yarns from Virtual Yarns (She says it is good quality wool), and she has a lot of it… I think the bigger cat is cuter… but when she tried knitting it (just to see if it would possibly be ok) it took up the entire width of the back of the hand. (That’s one fat cat!)

how dues it look with the two stitches for the ears being horizontal (xx) instead of verticle x? Or how about in a triangle shape x x
x x
with the top left stitch being where you have the ears starting now? sorry it’s hard to describe.

Maybe you can embroider the shape of the ears. I would also use embroidery stitches for the whiskers.

Maybe… she isn’t big on embroidery though…

This is a really cute pattern!

I think you could just add 2 stitches to the ears…one is right where your green square is and one right above it. And then repeat on the other side. That fills in the ears a bit. I think everything else looks fine.

You could try putting the whiskers coming from inside the face circle too but I think that your head is maybe a bit too short in length to do that. If you made it a bit bigger it might work.

I agree with a pp too though…I think if you embroidered the ears and whiskers it would look really nice and if you did a different colour they would really stand out.


Thanks. :slight_smile:

We tried that, but it made the head look square… or at least i thought it did:
Here is the first way:

And here is putting the x’s where the green square is:

What do you think?

I think the ears look fine that way! I do think the whiskers would look more whisker-like if they were embroidered, though. Just a simple back stitch would work.

You don’t think it would end up looking kind of funny?

The embroidered whiskers? No, I think it would look great! :slight_smile: That may be just me, though.