pattern problems! help

I am trying to make socks with double pointed needles. The pattern calls for size 9 needles but all I have are size 7. I am trying to just make my first pair of easy socks to get it under my belt and get familiar with it. Here is the pattern that I am trying to do!

If that does not work out, are there any sock patterns that I can do with bulky yarn with size 7 needles?

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The pattern is going to work with the chunky yarn and size 7 needles but it’ll likely be rather tight and perhaps stiffer than you would like. The pattern doesn’t give a gauge or stitches/inch so it’s difficult to be sure but you can still knit a swatch to see if you like the knit fabric on the side 7 needles.

The pattern that you link to looks good but here are the results of a Ravelry search for bulky yarn and size 7 needles. You may find a pattern that you like better.