Pattern problem

Morning all from sunny Sydney. Problem! Cardi pattern says increase every 10th row in sleeve, then knit to x length and start decreasing. Problem is that the sleeve is too long and haven’t finished decreasing yet, what do I do?

Your row gauge may be larger than the pattern’s so you need less rows to get to X length. Though I’m not quite sure - you don’t do the decreases until it gets to the length stated. Do you have a link to the pattern? Maybe that would be easier if we could take a look at it with you.

Thanks. Am a novice at computers so will have to wait till my daughter gets home from school. Would appreciate you having a look then. Cheers!

did you measure the gauge? just take a section of the piece you knitted, place rulers on top (or measuring tapes) and count the stitches and rows that fall within a square of 10 by 10 cm or 4 by 4 inches.

mostly you measure over stochinette stitch - sometimes the pattern calls for something else.

do not measure edge stitches. Take a piece out of the middle of the garment.

your pattern should give some information on what they wanted for that.

if your gauge is right, then the problem is somewhere else. if it is wrong, tell us what came out of your counting and out of the pattern and we help you to fix the pattern for your yarn.

Silly me. The pattern has a cuff so the ribbing was approx 15cms long. My daughter didn’t want the cuff so I halved the rib. Forgot to factor that into the sleeve length. All’s good and thanks for the problem help.

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