Pattern problem

I want to knit a hat pattern that I seen on here before but the directions seem confusing to me :wall: It is called the spiral eyelet hat …Here is the link to that topic:

when deciphering the pattern I understand everything but when it says move the pattern over 1 st each round that is when I am like what the ?!@ :!!!:
Someone please help

You do the K 1, K2 tog, YO on each round, but line it up like this:

k1 k2tog yo k1 k2tog yo

k2tog yo k1 k2tog yo k1

yo k1 k2tog yo k1 k2tog

Ok so I do the following:
Cast on 44 sts.
Join being careful not to twist sts.
K2 P2 rib for 5-6 rounds.

7th round: K 1, K2 tog, YO, repeat between *’s ending with K2 tog.
8th round:
Repeat 7th round except move the pattern over 1 st each round??? so the YO’s are moved one st to the left each round to get the spiral effect.
Continue until as tall as you would like to the upper crown of hat.

So how many rounds am I doing this for :doh:

I guess you keep going until it’s as long as you want it to be before decreasing. That pattern isn’t too specific on that.

Ok Thanks Ingrid sooo much :hug: