Pattern problem



Hi All! Faiz here, from Malaysia! :slight_smile:

I have a question about pattern that i currently working on. It says

Rib 15 , [inc in next st, rib 14] 1 time , (K2,P2) twice , (inc in next st, M1, rib 1) 3 times

What is that supposed to mean.

Can anyone help me?



Welcome to KH!
Sometimes there are these kind of directions at the end of ribbing and before the body of a sweater begins. What is the name of your pattern?

The directions you quoted mean to work 15sts in ribbing pattern that you have worked in previous rows, increase in the next stitch then rib 14sts. Follow this with k2p2, k2p2. The repeat is to inc in the next stitch, increase again by a Make one then rib one and repeat the (inc, M1 and rib 1) twice more.

To increase in a stitch, you can use a knit front and back or a knit right loop, some increase that uses a stitch.


Hi Salmonmac!

Firstly thank you very much for your response. Really helps! I understood it well.

This pattern i got from craft store ‘Spotlight’ called Marvel 12ply Shawl Collar Jumper.


Maybe this one?

Very nice!


Yes! This one! Look nice. Cross finger everything will turn out the way it is supposed to be. :face_with_monocle: