Pattern problem

Pretty sure this is a stupid question but new enough to not know for sure. I purchased a download pattern for a shawl that measures 70” w x 34” l using size 7 needle and 4 balls 1.75oz/250 yds. Problem is pattern says cast on 7 sts and pretty sure must be a typo. Would that be 107, 207? I have no idea. Thanks for any input!

No, it’s not a stupid question. What pattern is this? Some shawls start with a few stitches and increase as you work. We need to see what you’re working on to give a helpful answer.

Think I figured it out

Can I post a pic of that pattern or type the pattern in?

So actually it does mention increasing and decreasing so I think you’re on to something:) however I’ve the first few rows are a bit confusing to me:

Cast on 7 sits
Row 1:K2, pm,yo,K1,yo,pm,k1,pm.yo,k1,yo,pm,k2-11 sts (what does - 11 sts mean?)

Finishing is to block piece to measurements (don’t know what that means) but so far I’m only seeing 6 rows?

GG is right. The yo increases will gradually increase the width of the shawl. Trust the pattern.

“Row 1:K2, pm,yo,K1,yo,pm,k1,pm.yo,k1,yo,pm,k2-11 sts
(what does - 11 sts mean at the end? After the last k2 I only have 2 sts left anyway)”

The 11sts at the end of row 1 is telling you how many stitches total you should have on the needle when you finish the row. You started with 7 and there are 4 yarn overs which gives you the final stitch count of 11.

You should end the row with k2 and you shouldn’t have sts leftover or be missing sts. A yarnover doesn’t use up a stitch. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles, then over the right needle to the back. That’s it.

Blocking can mean wetting and pinning out to shape and size depending on the type yarn you used and the directions for washing on the ballband

Please, please edit your post to remove all but row 1 of the pattern. It violates the designer’s copyright to post a pattern here.

Thank you very much regarding the edit - that was stupid of me:(. Amazed that you people can create the designs so, again, duh…

I ended up finding a different shawl, just because gauge was off so I found one with specific yarn I’m using - that only had 16 cast ons so, by the time I worked through that pattern (much more complicated) I feel like I learned a ton and am actually going to go back, figure out how to make gauge match, and stick with this.

Thank so much for your help, really appreciate it!

Thanks for the edit. Better to err on the conservative side with designer copyright.
Good luck with the new shawl and post of photo when you finish. We love to see finished projects.

Thanks I will but I’ve hit a snag with the first two rows where in first row I’ve placed 4 markers but 2nd row only addresses 2 markers and says sm when I’m not even at one. I think under these circumstances its ok to write the 2 first rows:

Row 1: K2,pm,yo,k1,yo,pm,k1,pm,yo,k1,yo,pm,k2 - 11 sts
Row 2: Knit to marker, sm,p1,sm, knit to end.

Does that make sense? In row 2, I knit to marker, sm, p1… but then it says sm when I actually have a couple of stitches and then it says knit to end but doesn’t address any other markers???

Thank you if anyone can make sense of this?

It would help if we at least knew the exact name of the pattern and the designer so that maybe we can at least find a picture. I have a really hard time if I don’t know what’s being worked on.

It is Boat Basin Fringed Shawl on the website

Raverly has errata.

Row 2 Knit to second marker…
Row 4 Knit to second marker…

Knitting to the second marker takes you to the center with an increase before and after the center stitch. The others separate the border stitches. Knowing it’s a triangle helps. I think you’ll be well on your way now. There are videos for knitting a triangle shawl if you care to look.

PS Increasing before and after a marked stitch is used a lot and you’ll see it in raglan sweaters knit top down.

Thank you - I will look for the video as it still seems very confusing. In the pattern, Row 2, I don’t see where it says Knit to the 2nd marker? The sm, p1, sm is where it doesn’t seem to match. I’ll check out the video and hopefully it will click!

From looking at the photo with the pattern I think your shawl is in garter stitch. In this video he starts with fewer stitches and uses only one marker but it should give you the idea of how it all works out. HTH

ETA it says on the website for the pattern that it’s garter so I think this video should be helpful. You can use all the markers the pattern calls for or not, it’s knitter’s choice. Happy knitting and do ask if you are still stuck. I hope we get to see photos of your work.

Thank you so much! That video helped tons!!! Not sure why so many markers on my pattern so as you suggest I think I’ll remove and only use one like he does - yeah! Now I get it:))))

Hi Robin1!!!

“Errata” mean that the mistakes or something missing from the pattern. Your pattern was printed without “Knit to 2nd marker”. That’s the error.

When you get to Row 2 and 4 (and all other even rows) should start with “Knit to 2nd marker” and then do the rest of the row as it’s printed.


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Thank you! I ended up going into my knitting shop and they saw problem and Errata. So much to learn!

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With yarn overs you now have 11 stitches on your needle.

always do a swatch first, to confirm the number of stitches meets the measurement otherwise need to up/down the mm needle or change the yarn weight you are using.