Pattern problem

I am knitting a lace matinee set. I have followed the pattern instructions for the left front and now I have instructions for the back which are as below:

Rejoin yarn to WS and work in patt from row 2 as for left front, from * 12 times, omitting the garter sts at each end.

Left Front

Row 2 (wS): k4,p1, *p1,p2tog tbl,yo,p1,yo,p2tog,p1; rep from * 5 times. Turn, and work on these 40 sts

Etc to row 8

I don’t understand how the back works. Could someone explain in simpl words? I have the left front sts on a stitch holder and the other part on my needle. Does it want me to follow the pattern of the left front from row 2-8? What is meant by omitting garter st at each end?


It seems like the left and probably right fronts have garter stitch bands at the end for buttons and buttonholes.
Repeat *p1,p2tog tbl,yo,p1,yo,p2tog,p1; rep from * across the row 12 times for the back. That totals 84sts. Is that what you have for the back?
Can you give us a pattern name? It’s helpful to see a photo sometimes.

So do I just do the row 2 or complete 8 rows?

You’ll probably have to complete rows 2-8. Likely, you’ll want the back to measure the same as the fronts. If the left front then repeats rows 1-8, follow that pattern.
Can you give us a pattern name?