Pattern problem

I have a pattern copy enclosed and I’m struggling with after the rib is
10cm next row on the right front before I change to 10mm needles. I
managed the left front through the help of a friend but I cannot do this?
Anybody help please? Thanks Christine x

The pattern wants you to decrease 8sts across the last row of ribbing. They give you a method of doing this by working some sts in ribbing with decreases as either k2tog or p2tog.
However, there is a mistake in the pattern toward the end of the decrease row. The ."…rib2, rib2tog 0[1:1:0:0] times…" should be “…rib 2, rib2tog 0[1:0:0:0]…”. So for the 3rd size you would skip this direction.
Was that the problem or is it something else on the right front?
I’m assuming that you’re making the 3rd size.

It seems that no matter how I do it I’m struggling to get 23 stiches from 31.

Hi Christine, I moved your post to its own thread in How-to.
I also added up the row and realized that there was a mistake in the pattern. I probably edited my post and overlapped your reply. Did you see the pattern error?

I’m also a novice so I’m writing every row and every stich down to help me.

That’s a good idea. The dec row is:
Rib 1, rib2tog, rib 1, rib2tog (rib2, rib2tog) 6x, rib1.

Thank you I’ll give it a go and get back to you later. Thank you Christine.