Pattern problem k3-into3

Does anyone know how to do this. Found hat romatic lace beret on Direction for k3-into-3 = k3tog, (yo,K1) in same st as k3 together So you start with 3 sts then end up with 3 st.

I’m an advanced knitter but this is a new one

Yep, see my answer in the other thread you posted in.

Do I leave the k3 tog on the left needle then YO and k the stitch again?

I hope this works Thanks Dona

Yes, the 3 sts you knit tog will stay on the L needle, and there’s 1 new st on the R needle. Then yo and knit into the 3 sts again.

thanks i’ll try it

Or are you supposed to work a row in between where you’ve worked 3 together? In that case, the pattern is just telling you to do your increases and decreases in that stitch–that is work the row with the increases, then work a row even, and on the next row you’ll work the increased stitches together down to one.