Pattern problem, i think

i am making a hoodie and it has a edging in a contrasting color. the pattern tells me to k2 using cc, then switch to mc til last 2 sts and k2 with cc again. well this is where i problem lies. i do this and think i am doing it right but once i get a few rows done the edging isnt connected to the main part anymore and just sort of on its own which is not suppose to happen.

How do i switch the yarns and still keep everything connected the way it is suppose to be?

any help would be greatly appreciated.



Have you cheked out the video for Duplicate Stitch Join? Maybe this will help.

Or check out intarsia. It sounds like you should be twisting your two colors where they meet, as you would in intarsia. Basically hold the yarn that you’ve been using over to the left and bring the new yarn from under and knit with it. Do this each row and they will twist themselves together and avoid that gap.

thanks all i will try that.