Pattern problem. Help please

I am following a simple pattern from a chart a heart shape by using the opposite stitch in a row to create an outline of a heart. So, in a knit row, I purl a stitch. It all works until the reverse stitch is in th same place row after row and then the patern doesn’t show up. (the pattern is the textured baby block blanket by yarrn on Ravelry and it’s the turquoise square rows 11-15. Please help

Took a bit, but I found it - Yaarn is the name of her blogwhere the pattern is. Anyway that does seem like an odd way to write it.
" On the right side, knit the knits and purl the purls. On WS, purl the knits and knit the purls[B]. [/B] " Usually this means to do that as the sts appear, but I wonder if she means as you did the stitches on the previous row.

The boxes that outline the heart should show as purls on the RS row, while the rest of the block is in stockinette stitch. At least that’s what the pictures look like in the finished projects on Ravelry.

I had trouble with Ravelry,also. Good luck with that.

Thank you suzeeq. I was purling on the RS but also knitting on the WS so that was where I was going wrong. I’ll try again