Pattern part help

hi there,
can someone help me on something im little lost on this part, SHAPE NECK:k3,p1 slip these sts onto a safet pin,purl to end,continue to dec 1 st at raglan edge as before on next and every alt row,AT THE SAME TIME dec 1 st at neck edge on next and following 1 alt row,3 sts
I have done the k3 p1 and put onto safety pin /purl to the end part after that im lost on. this is for a rounded cardigan,

i worked out for the v neck version think thats why i left it to do the v neck but a friend told me to do the round version first so i left that one and started a fresh for the rounded version. but im kinda stuck right now lol. you all must think im a right numpty, suppose im learning as i only been knitting since april and got the normal sweater/tank top sorted no probs. this wasnt a pattern from anyone online it was from a friend.
any help would be most appreciated.
from Anne marie

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Sounds like you continue to decrease at the raglan edge at the same time that you decrease to shape the rounded neck. Is this a cardigan front?
If you call the next row (that is, the row after the one you quoted), row 1 then you would decrease at the raglan edge on rows 1,3,5,7 etc and also decrease at the neck edge on rows 1 and 3.