Pattern organization

So I’ve accumulated quite a few patterns… more than I could ever actually complete I’m sure.

How do you keep track of them?

Some are from web sites that I only have the link for which I’ve made categories for in “favorites”. Others I just printed from the web. Then there are PDF files which I’ve been saving but those can’t really go into favorites since they aren’t html.

Suggestions welcomed before this gets out of control (like my 4000 photos) is much appreciated!

One thing I would suggest - is going through them. Anything you know you will never use, delete.

I keep patterns in a folder by themselves and often I rename them when I save them. Sometimes they save with weird codes like dcs97812.cde.htm - Titles like that mean nothing, and by labeling with the real pattern name saves a lot of time.
When a pdf file is confusing or too large, I save the pattern info, maybe one pic instead of all of them, and other necessary info on another document like Word, then delete the pdf.

Another idea might be keeping a list of the files you do have - on a program like Microsoft Access - you could list pattern name, when completed, how much yarn you used, needle type/size. This would help in tracking your used patterns and make it easier to delete things you start realizing you really have no interest in making.

I have received patterns in email for cabled items. I can’t do cable, and because I have a unique visual disability, I doubt I’ll ever be able to cable or use dpns. So, deleting those makes sense, for if I do reach a point to try, I could find new patterns at that time instead.

Almost all of my patterns have come from the Internet. What I do is I got myself a three ring binder and some page protectors and I put them in the binder. It’s easier for me to work with a pattern when it’s printed out and it’s flat. Granted, I’ve only printed out patterns that I actually used for something. The “wishlist” patterns are still on my computer. You can also get dividers and organize patterns in the binder however way you want them.

My “wishlist” patterns are all pdfs. I have a program on my computer that will give you the option to print to pdf, so when I see something on the web that isn’t a pdf, I will print it to pdf. They go into a directory on my harddrive. My directory is getting bigger, so I do need to start organizing those by type. I won’t print those patterns out until I actually get the materials to make it.

Most of my patterns too come from the internet. If I like something and think that I might actually REALLY knit it, I always print it off. I have a file drawer with seperate folders for different kinds of items, ie Vests, sweatersk hats, dog sweaters, baby sweaters etc. I file them in the appropriate folder.

If I have a pattern (and I have lots) that I absoultely positively KNOW I will make SOOOOOOON I put it in page protectors in a three ring binder (I’m on my second binder:whistle:).

A new friend of mine in real life had come across a pattern on a site as a freebie. She saved it, but her pc got some kind of virus and some of her patterns were affected and she had to delete them.

She went back to the site to get the pattern and whoa!
It is no longer a “freebie”!! She called me to see if I could find it but I got the same results as she did. To get the pattern now, you have to purchase it.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Thanks for the tips! I’m sort of doing the tips that were suggested, but I’m not very consistant with it. I guess I’ll have to be more organized!

Can’t say that I’ve ever went back to a site to download the free pattern only to find it isn’t free anymore. Guess what I’m looking for usually isn’t worth charging for… :rofl:.

Since I am new to knitting, I don’t have a lot of knitting patterns but I have like a zillion crochet that I print off the net. usually I see it, I like it, I print it for someday… lol. The stuff I have made I will put into a finished notebook. I will put notes on the pattern if something kicked my tush, or it worked up fast, I liked it etc. It is organized into catagories like hats, baby blankets, afghans, baby clothes, etc. I also have smaller notebooks for each catagory so if I know what I want to do it’s very easy to find. I also have a 3 prong folder that holds my work in progress… It sounds really confusing, but its VERY simple to find things… now my books!!! That’s another story lol.

I bought and put suspension files in that have “sweaters” “bags” “accessories” etc in them.

If you download a PDF file that you know you will want to keep, go to File, then go to Save a Copy and when the window opens - you should be in My Documents (if you aren’t, navigate to My Documents) and click New Folder.

Name it something you’ll remember - I call mine Knitting Patterns. Original huh? :slight_smile: Then everytime I find something that I can’t bookmark - and you know pages on the Internet aren’t around forever - or don’t want to bookmark, I simply save it.

You can easily get to My Documents and find your patterns. Inside the Knitting Pattern folder if you want to get fancy, make new folders for Baby Items, Socks, Womens Sweaters, Hats… etc.

And Yes, by all means, RENAME the file!!! It’s frustrating to look in your Knitting Patterns file and have to open each one because they are named with a bunch of numbers!

I have my patterns from the internet sorted out by catagory and if I print them out I have a file box that is divide up into Baby, Adult, & Child then I have sub folders for hats and scarves and so on.

I need to go thru the patterns I’ve collected since I began knitting 3 years ago, I have a great # in 3 ring binders. I chose the hard copy route bc the same thing happened to me, I had saved a pattern, then found that it was no longer there when I went back to get it…so I decided to print them. But, I must go thru them and get rid of many!
As for saving on computer, I create folders for whatever sites and save them in my favorites location and/or copy & paste (w/copyright & owner always intake) them into Word & save to my computer if they are not pdf files which are easily saved. I have one computer that has the files listed individually, then, when Lonnie gave me my laptop I decided that I was going to make folders for X, Y & Z and keep the appropriate items in their folders…and it is SO MUCH EASIER to find patterns or whatever!