Pattern or how to do a scalloped edge scarf?

Has anyone seen those lovely scarves in Vogue Knitting Holiday 2005, they were winners of the Scarf for Breast Cancer contest. They (Vogue) says to go to their website for details but when I did I can’t find anything on them.

They also have a color workshop on page 78 that has scarves with scalloped edges. (No patterns again.) Hey Vogue what’s up!

I’d like to try a simple scalloped edge, I’ve been searching knittingpatterncentral but can’t find one. Anybody got one?


I believe that the lace pattern is causing the scalloped edging on most of these scarves. For example, the lace pattern that is used in the combo corset t that was featured on Knitty Gritty (sorry, can’t get diy to load now!) has a bit of a scalloped edge, which was accomplished from the lace pattern (which is a very simple and pretty pattern you might want to try!).
There are some more lace pattern here (scroll down the page.)
Then there are those edgings that you can knit and seam on or knit on and then change the pattern for another pattern you may want in your scarf. You can find oodles and oodles in Nicky Epstein’s books, Knitting On the Edge and Knitting Over the Edge.

Hey Becka THANKS. That’s a great site. I forget about ha. I found one, Lace Edge the first one I clicked on looks interesting. Believe it or not I have that Nicky Epstein book but it’s upstate and I’m in the city… ! Have to wait til the weekend when I’m back there. okey doke

You are certainly welcome :muah: