Pattern on Red Hearts Kids skein

Hello. I was shopping with my sister 6 months ago and she asked me to make her a blanket. So we went to Hobby lobby to look at yarn and pick out colors. She picked some colors from Red Heart Kids. While she was looking at one of the skeins we found a pattern for “Wild Waves” which she fell in love with. So I bought that skein at the time and promised her I would buy the rest of the yarn when I was ready to make the project. (Very low on funds at the time) Well as the story goes the wrapper came of the skein and then we moved and I can’t find it anywhere. Does any one else happen to know where I can find this pattern? The Jo-ann’s and Michaels here in Tucson do not carry Red Heart Kids in their stores and I’m not guaranteed the pattern if I order a skein online. Any suggestions?


Is it a blanket, a sweater…? You may be able to find it on the RH site…

It is a blanket pattern, and it is not on the website.

I have a bunch of Red Heart Kids yarn, but none of the labels have any patterns on them, sorry.

I have the pattern. Would you like me to mail you a copy or I can
type it out and e-mail it to you. Let me know.


I sent you a PM. Did you get it?

Thanks everyone for your help.

Just sent you the pattern in a PM.