Pattern not fitting in prescribed # of stitches

Hi all! I’m a beginning knitter,and I decided a few days ago that it was time for me to try my first pattern, which was great fun until I ran into this frustrating problem.

The pattern asked me to cast on 168 stitches, which I did (counted them like five times), and then I knitted three rows. For the fourth row, it asked to K8 and then “work first row of Scroll Lace Patter over next 152 stitches” and then finish the row with another K8. The scroll lace patter for this row was yo, k8, k2tog and then repeated until the last stitch of the 152. So I did this, and I was four stitches short at the end of the 152 stitches, and I couldn’t complete the k8 in the lace pattern without disrupting the k8 at the end.

I counted the middle stitches, and it comes to 152. The pattern says this section should be a multiple of 10 +2, but when I do the math, yo, k8, and k2tog (1+8+2) take 11 stitches, not 10. The pattern, as written, won’t mathematically fit within the number of stitches prescribed for it. Am I doing something wrong, or is the pattern wrong? Can I just make it a k7 in the lace pattern so it’ll fit?

Thanks for your help; I really don’t want to give up. Let me know if there’s any other info I should provide.

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Don’t count the yarn over as a stitch. For a yarn over between two knit stitches, bring the yarn to the front and over the right needle to the back. That’s it. The yarn over creates a stitch but it doesn’t use up a stitch.

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Oh my gosh THANK YOU!