Pattern not emerging

pattern is slip 1st stitch, then k3, p3, k3 p3, k4 but my pattern comes out flat.

It takes several rows for the stitch pattern to show up.


So you are saying that Your ribbing is coming out not as ribbing??

yes, that is it, my ribbing is not coming out as ribbing. I have 10 inches of knitting of chunky yarn on size 13 needles and totally flat.
Now trying a boucle’ and 5 inches long, still flat.

Can you post any pictures?

Not good enough to get a picture on here. I will keep working on it tho. New knitter here.
Thanks for the reply.

So, you are slipping the stitch, then, you are knitting 3, then bringing the yarn to the front to purl, then to the back to knit then to the front to purl? like bringing the yarn between the needles when you do this?

yes, that is what I am doing. Bringing the yarn to front to purl and to back to knit. The 1st scarf I did, I got the pattern emerging, with a simple k2, p2 for 15 stitches, ending with a single knit. I found out I was doing the knit stitch wrong. Now I have corrected the procedure and have no pattern coming thru. Go figure!

I’m not sure what you should do… :shrug: :shrug:

Are you knitting in the round or on straight needles?

slip 1st stitch, then k3, p3, k3 p3, k4

If this is the right side, then the back side (working back and forth) would be

slip 1st stitch, p3, k3, p3, k3, p4

Is that what you’re doing for the back?

Even if she was doing it wrong though, there should still be a pattern appearing, no :shrug: Mystifying…

I think that if you do slip 1st stitch, then k3, p3, k3 p3, k4 on each row, you’d get, let’s see


Ah ha! You’d get garter stitch.

I am guessing that the pattern, simple as it seems, is somehow confusing you. For a little while, ignore the pattern and try “reading” your knitting.

You know that a knit stitch looks like a “v” and a purl stitch looks like a convex bump, right? LOOK AT EVERY STITCH AS YOU APPROACH IT. When you get to a “v” stitch, knit it. When you get to a bump stitch, purl it. This applies to both FRONT AND BACK of your knitting.

Try this for 5 or six rows and see what happens.