Pattern not available in north america

help! is not available in north america due to “supplier restrictions” but is available to people from elsewhere… so, kiss off, the 565million north american residents? is there somebody on here from a non north-american country, with access to the pattern, who’s willing to email the pdf? if so, i can PM you my email address.

thanks much! :wink:

Wow, that’s weird. I love in CA so unfortunately I can’t help. Sorry!

I see what you mean… I live in NA too but…
Well, it seems an easy enough pullover sweater… straight st. st. with a picture added.
What if you were to find a pattern for a neat pullover, and designed the picture yourself?
All you would need is some paper with little squares on it and a picture of what you want. Transfer the picture to the squares and then as you knit the sweater, add it to the front of the piece.
I did this once when I knit a sweater for my Mom with square dancers on it. As long as the squares (denoting each st. in the picture) are not more than what the pattern calls for, I don’t see a problem.
It might be worth a try!
TEMA :thumbsup: