Pattern Needed for Simple Ladies Waistcoat

Does anyone know of a simple free pattern for a ladies waistcoat/vest (not the pullover kind, but the kind that looks like a sleeveless jacket…if you know what I mean…:wink:)

The lady in question is in her 80’s, needs a bust size of 42-44" and as this is North Scotland I’d like to do it in a [I]warm[/I] wool mix yarn - probably aran weight, but I’m open to suggestions.

Any links & ideas are gratefully received as always,

Perhaps something like these?
(just shorten the length)

All use an aran weight yarn.

I’m so [I]hopeless [/I]on computers…it’s embarrassing. I’m just posted a reply and it vanished! :aww:
Anyhoo… thanks for these links, I’m going to knit the lionbrand long vest I think, and shorten it for a smart look for my older gal. Will hold onto the other patterns for a project when I have more time. thanks very much!

You are most welcome. I’m sure there are many others out there that would work for you but these are just first I ran across. I am glad that you will be able to possibly use one of them. happy knitting.