Pattern needed for kids using stretchy sock yarn

I’ve bought a ball of Patons new stretchy sock yarn. I’ve put a link to it.

Patons doesn’t seem to have any patterns for it to make socks for kids and babies. The only patterns are for ladies. Has anyone out there tried this yarn yet? Should I try it with just a regular kids sock pattern?

Any advice would be great!



It’s a fingering weight yarn (based on the gauge it gives) which is a normal sock yarn so any pattern that uses that weight would work. It does say to use a larger needle than I would use for that weight, but… :shrug:

You say kids pattern… baby, toddler, child, pre-teen?

Thanks! I’m looking for both a baby pattern (6-12 months) and for a preschooler (3 years old).


Here’s one to check out. It’s called Baby to Toddler Socks.

This one gives instructions for larger socks by changing needle size. You could also easily just add a few stitches and length.

Tons more here -

Thanks so much for the links! These look great.