Pattern Needed Baby Clouds yarn

I’m a new knitter. I bought the super-bulky baby clouds yarn for a blanket-2 each white, pink, aquamarine. When I got the yarn home, I realized I had a crochet pattern. Though I tried, I’m all thumbs with a crochet hook. Now I have lots of this yarn!

Does anyone have ideas for using this yarn?


I used it to make a baby blanket. Here’s what I did. I CO 4 stitches on US 10needles. K one row. I then K2, yo, k to end for each row until the blanket measured 26" up one side from CO to needles. Then I K1, K2tog, yo, K2tog, k to end of row until 4 stitches remain on the needles again. K across one row. BO. (This pattern is a standard dishcloth pattern, but works well for a simple baby blanket as well). It makes a nice easy baby blanket, looks like a rainbow and is sooo soft for a baby. If you want to fancy it up a bit, string a 1/4" satin ribbon in and out through the holes along the edge and tie a bow at each corner. I’ve done this several times and it gives the blanket a “finished” look. The different colours should be pretty looking on this blanket.

Good luck to you!

Yes, that pattern. With a bulky yarn you can knit it on size 11s and it’s even more soft. 10s make it too stiff.

Thank you both!!


Hi there, I just recently made my first ever afgan using that yarn! I based the pattern on a HUGE one my grandmother had made me years ago and it’s super easy, It’s basically a bunch of dishcoths connected together.
What I did was make 16 “dishcloths” using the basic pattern (I think it’s called grandmother’s favourite discloth) in 5 different colours. I used 8mm needles and made the “cloths” 25 stitches wide at the widest point which makes the squares about 5 inches on each side. Then when they were all done I crocheted them together with the left over bits of yarn from the squares, but it can be sewn together too (that’s how my grandmother did hers), which ever you preferr.
The squares take about an hour or 2 each, depending on how fast you knit and joining it all togehter takes about 4-5 hours. I’m sure you could quite easily make basic squares as well but I like how the border on the discloth, and the diagonal stitichs ads a bit of extra pattern to the blankie.
I made this for my year old neice using pastel pink, purple, blue, green and yellow yarns; it ended up looking like multicoloured cotton candy, and it’s SOO squishy!! Unfortunatly I wrapped it up for christmas before I remembered to take a picture, but the next time I got to visit her I hope to get a pic of her with it.

I made 2 blankets for my nieces for Christmas with this yarn. They love them!!! After you wash them, they are soooooooo soft and cuddly!!!
Basically what I did was to cast on 80 stitches (I used a size 13 circular needle), and knit the first 5 rows. On the 6th row, I knit all the way across. On the 7th row, I knit the first five stitches, purled across until the last 5 stitches, and then knit the last 5 stitches. Next row was knit all the way across, then back to the knit and purl row. This gives you a blanket with a nice stockinette in the middle, but the garter stitch borders keep the edges from curling. You can make it as long or as short as you want, and this is a really simple way to make a blanket.
Have fun!!!