Pattern mistake?

Anyone up to a math challenge?
I would REALLY appreciate any help you can offer with this.
Okay…I am working on a (seed stitch) cardigan collar. I am supposed to have 91 sts at the end of row 10, and I do. Now I’m all mixed up about row 11. It reads: K1, k2tog, pat 22 sts, (p1, k1, p1) all in next st, pat 35 sts, (p1, k1, p1) all in next st, pat 22 sts, ssk, k1. Now I am supposed to have 89 sts.
The problem is, when I do this row (even in my head!) I have four stitches left at the end of the needle. I can solve this by going up a size, and doing 24 pat sts, instead of 22, but then I have to continue the pattern for a large (I’m doing a medium).
Am I wrong, or is this a mistake in the pattern? When I subtract all the stitches in row 11 from 91, I come up with 4. What should I do?
Thanks so much for your time and suggestions!

What I get after a quick look is that is that you’re increasing 4 but decreasing 2. That doesn’t make sense if you’re supposed to end up with 2 less stitches.

Maybe you should see if errata are published for the pattern?

I cannot find anything about it online.
Any other suggestions?
All I can think to do is to pat 24 sts instead of 22 (twice), then I’ll work all the sts, but I’ll have 93 sts (large) instead of 91 (medium).
What do you think? :thinking:
Thanks again.

What is row 12? That might help in figuring it out. Ingrid is right about the extra sts…they either threw in some extra increases or forgot to add 2 more decreases.