Pattern Missing Gauge

I found a pattern for a hat that I want to knit for my husband. In reading the pattern, I noticed that the pattern writer did not indicate what the gauge is, nor give finished measurements for the hat, only that you could use two strands of worsted weight yarn (or 1 strand bulky/chunky yarn) and size 10.5 needles. I want to knit this in the men’s size using bulky weight yarn.

Pattern is here.

Is there some way I can figure out what the correct measurements are for the finished hat and what the gauge is, or should I give this one up as a lost cause and find another pattern?

I think because it’s all ribbed that it’ll fit just about anyone.

Find another pattern – there are thousands of freebies online. One of the best is the classic Marsan Watch Cap, found here:

Ignore how dopey it looks on the retro figurine. This is a warm, beautiful hat that knits up easily and looks good on men and women. Note that there’s no gauge on this one either. But the author gives guidelines for adjusting it for different sizes, and the ribbing is extremely forgiving. I often borrow the one I made for The Old Man, whose head is considerably larger than mine – no problem.

Another suggestion: look at Ann Budd’s “Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns.” Her basic cap pattern can be made in any gauge with any yarn to fit any size from infant to large adult. And you can make it in plain stockinette, ribbing, you name it.

There’s no point in slogging through a poorly written pattern, unless you want to use it as an exercise in swatching and determining your own gauge (not a bad idea).

Thanks for your replies. :slight_smile:

After I posted this, I did go hunting around for another pattern that does give gauge and the end result looks similar to the first pattern I found. I will end up knitting that one for my DH.

I think I will take up your suggestion, knitasha, and try the first pattern on cheaper yarn just to experiment with the gauge and the sizing, so if it doesn’t fit, it’s no big deal. I will also have to find that book, too.

Thanks for your help. :cheering: