Pattern meaning

Help please What does it mean when a pattern says : 1st and 2nd rows set garter stitch border and


What is the name of the pattern you are using??


Hi the pattern is by Stylecraft

Ok but what is it??? A blanket or sweater or scarf?? That helps us when we attempt to help!!! The actual name of the pattern. I.e.- “The Basketweave Blanket”. Something like that.


Sorry I’m new to the forum! Ok the pattern is for a child’s ballet bolero and is Stylecraft 8044. Wondersoft DK. You start with a band of 10 rows of garter stitch and then there are 2 rows where you decrease 1 stitch each row, repeat these two once then it says “these two rows set g-stitch border and”
Never seen that before. I’m wondering if it is a way to make a neater transition from garter to But can’t see how! Help!

Ok. Thanks for the pattern info!! I read through it and when it says “1st and 2nd rows set g st border and st st” that means that you have now set up the st st body of the sweater and the garter st edging (or border). Whichever end of the row has the garter stitch border on it is now set up for the border. It’s not telling u any new or different instructions. It’s just telling you that the garter st is the border and the st st is the rest of it.


Thank you so much! I can get on with it now!!!