Pattern making for infants

Hello all. I am new to the knitting world but have been a patternmaker in Professional Theatre for many years, and survived!
I am having difficulty finding measurements for infants. I realize all children are different sizes but I am looking for a good standard sizing to work from. I can find lots of widths for children but no reliable lengths. I also realize knits stretch to accomodate many sizes but I need a good starting point. I could measure a bunch of baby clothes but how reliable are the sizings depending on the manufacturer? Can you tell I never had children so this is a strange land for me. There were no infants in theatre, well, baby size that is. I am particularly looking for body lengths from front neck to belly button then to crotch. Also leg lengths from crotch to ankle. I truly appreciate your help and know that I may have information that could help you go forward.

Hereis a website that breaks down the different sizes :thumbsup:

I think your idea of measuring baby clothes is a good one. Manufacturers will vary, that’s for sure, but any size you are given for “a baby” will only be someone’s standard guess for size. Babies vary trememdously, and if you want to make something for a particular baby you’d be better off to use actual measurements from said baby. The baby clothes manufacturers have as good a guess as the next “expert”.

My 15 month old granddaughter is wearing size 9 months in some things and 1 year in others. She is small, only weighed 17 1/2 pounds the other day. Many babies much younger than her wear bigger sizes than she does.

Good luck. Baby sizes are really hard. They should probably throw out the “month” sizings entirely and go by weight, height, and circumferences instead.