Pattern line confusion

Thank you for taking the time read this, I hope you can help…

I am making a sweater for my son for his birthday and here is the line from the pattern that I having trouble with:

[U]Dec 1 st st each end of next row and foll 1 (2:2:3:3) alt rows. 47 (49:51:53:55)[/U]

I am making the biggest size.

thi is how I understand it

[U]Decrease 1 stitch at the end of the next row and then knit 2 rows before decreasing 1 stitch at the end of the row until there are 55 stitches left[/U]

Is that right? I am new to this and I hope I am doing this sweater right, thank you again!!:hug:

You’re almost right. The pattern says to decrease at EACH end, so you would be decreasing 2 stitches on that row. Then you’d knit 2 rows without increasing or decreasing, then decrease one stitch at EACH end of the third row, then 6th row, then 9th row…

Dec 1 st st each end of next row and foll 1 (2:2:3:3) alt rows. 47 (49:51:53:55)

Decrease one stitch at [U]each[/U] end of the very next row, and then do a return row and do the decrease at [U]each[/U] end of that next row. And then return again and do the decrease row again until you have done 4 decrease rows like that. Foll alt rows translates to following alternate rows and means every other row. So IOW you decrease at each end every other (I’ll bet right side)row four times. You should end up with 55 stitches. So you should have had 63 before you began decreasing.

I think that is right. The only thing that might be wrong is the number of repeats. It says the next row and foll 3 alt rows: 1+3= 4, is the way I’m reading it. I don’t think it should be 3 times total. But be sure to stop at 55 stitches. :slight_smile:

Yes dec at each end of the next row. A following alt row is every other row, so you do a dec row, then a regular row, then another dec row, reg row, dec row, reg row, then a dec row. So there’s a total of 4 dec rows - the first one, then 3 more - with a plain row in between each one.