Pattern issue

Can anyone help? To me this pattern seems wrong it tells me to p2tog over a row which will massively reduce 60st. But then an increase of 4st should make my St tally 64. I did email the woman who wrote the pattern but haven’t heard back. It’s for socks. Have I misread what yo means?

Cast on 60 stitches with light grey. Divide the stitches onto four double pointed needles (15/each). Knit rib
(K2, P2) for 6 rows.
Start knitting with cable chart I from the 1st row and repeat the motif based on 4 stitches altogether 15 times
on one row.
Repeat rows 1-4 altogether three times.
On row 19 you continue with knitting holes for lace ribbon as follows: K2, YO, P2tog, repeat _.
Continue to knit stockinet stitch for 2 more rows with light grey, increase 4 stitches (1 on each needle) on
the last row. You now have altogether 64 stitches (16/needle).

I suspect that there are parentheses missing in the instructions. The repeat could be (k2 yo, p2tog) or it could be k2 (yo, p2tog). The repeat of the yo and the decrease means that there will not be a net decrease of sts.
Which pattern are you making? Can you give us a pattern name or a link please? You may be able to tell where the parentheses go from a photo.

It’s a bought pattern. The above instructions are copy and pasted direct from the pattern (just a few lines not the whole pattern). It’s just below the ribbing at the top of the sock (on the photo it’s where the lace tie goes).
I’m a knitting amateur so : I thought yo was literally just that -bring the yarn forward. But if it means the stitches don’t decrease then … Could you explain please :).

This pattern is teaching me -how to knit on 4 needles, how to read and follow a chart and that’s just been the top 20rows so far!

Very fancy! You’re certainly going to learn many techniques with these socks.
It looks like the repeat is (k2, yo, p2tog). You keep repeating that entire sequence along the round, k2, yo, p2tog, k2, yo, p2tog, etc. For every yarn over which increases one stitch, there is a p2tog which decreases one stitch. This gives you the holes for the laces.

A yo or yarn over means bring the yarn forward between the needles and then over the needle to the back. Since the yarn over is followed by a purl stitch or purl2tog, you bring the yarn all the way around the needle to the front again. This video shows an example of a yo followed by a purl (see 1:16min)

Ah hah ! Thank you very much !
So grateful for the help !
Will no doubt ne back when I get further down the pattern :smiley: