Pattern interpretation

Does P71 mean any thing in knitting language? It says this with a picture at the site, It is in a pink shawl pattern.

In this case it is just the pattern number. If it’s within in a pattern it probably means purl 71.

Is there a way to get the actual pattern of this shawl?

You would have to buy it from someone who stocks Artyarns patterns. I’m on the multidirectional mailing list, and I think this was in an old IK or creative knitting magazine a couple years ago. Lessee, these are some of the online shops -

Check one of your LYSs to see if they carry them too.
Ohhh, it may be her book on multidirectional knitting, too.

P71 is their product code for the pattern. They seem to use a Letter-Number code rather than a name. That’s how you can find it to order it. Paradise Fibers sells that pattern.